Formerly known as Big Sky Leatherworks

Products - Harness, Harness Hardware, Collars, Pads, Bits

Harness—Team sets or single. Sizes from Draft to Mini. Leather, Brahama Web, or Beta, Plain or Spotted. Collar style or Driving harness.

#100—Heavy Team Harness, will fit up to 2,000 horses $1,800

#101—Above Harness nicely spotted $1,900

#102—Heavy Team Harness for 950-1,200 lb horses $1,700

#103—Above Harness nicely spotted $1,775

Our work harness comes with:

Ring Crown Bridles, Tubular Steel Farm Hames (black), Lines 1”x20’ (leather or Beta).

*Collars and Pads sold separately


Work, style, Split face, Pigeon Wing Mule bridles, Jim Dandy style, plain, or spotted.

Collars and Hames

Collars manufactured in the US, using only the finest hand selected leather. Hames, Steel, Stainless Steel, or wooden all styles.

Harness Parts

Replacement parts: belly bands, hame straps, billets, repair straps made.

Harness Hardware

Buckles, snaps, Dees, harness hooks, evner/neck yoke parts, hame parts, sleigh bells, heel chains, BITS all styles.

Barn Tack

Heavy duty mesh hay bags, Calvary style nose grain bags, canvas feed bags

Other Leather Items Available
Handmade leather wallets, pouches, purses, plus much more.